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Future of Creatine

Creatine is possibly the most misunderstood ingredient in the supplement industry. Despite the abundance of scientific literature proving that it directly impacts muscle performance and recovery, it fell out of favor due to unwanted side effects. Creatine monohydrate improved performance but it caused bloating due to water retention and it required a loading phase and needed to be cycled.

When CON-CRET¨ was introduced in 2008, we created a product that solved the main problems associated with creatine monohydrate. For the first time, users could benefit from the endurance and strength gains without having to look bloated and all they had to use was 750mg / 100 lbs. body weight. To take it one step further, our product dissolves COMPLETELY in water instead of sitting PH to stomach acid and can therefore be fully utilized by the body and not wasted. CON-CRETå¨ put our company on the map and continues to be recognized as the most pure and bioavailable form of creatine available.

  • Micro dosing (750mg of highly pure creatine HCI per serving)
  • Enables users to dose specific to body weight, workout intensity, and gender
  • Superior solubility leads to improved uptake in muscle cells
  • Side effects free-no loading, no cycling, no bloating, no water retention
  • Helps increase strength, endurance, and recovery due to increased ATP availability

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