Rappd Palm Pro Grip Pad

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Rappd Palm Pro Is an alternative to traditional weight training gloves.
For those of you who don’t generally use training gloves, the Palm Pro is a great option.

With Three finger slots placed strategically, the Palm Pro slips on and off with ease.
Once on your hand you will notice how the grip pad contours your palm, with the exposed gridded Neoprene ready to grip the bar.

The Palm Pro provides a firm and comfortable grip that prevents calluses and blisters while whisking away sweat to prevent trapped heat that leads to bacteria growth and odour associated with sweat.

Rappd have used a high grade Gridded Neoprene that is not too thick as this would make the grip pad feel too cumbersome and can take away from your clutch.

Rappd have a range of quality gym accessories that you might find your gym bag is missing, or in need of replenishing!

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