Pro Supps Mr Hyde ICON PreWorkout

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    ProSupps® Mr. Hyde® Icon was formulated with one goal in mind: To flat-out be the best pre-workout available to help you be the best at what you do. Featuring 8 first-class, branded, research-backed, premium ingredients, Mr. Hyde® Icon leaves nothing to chance by delivering a truly premium pre-workout experience. Four powerful ingredient matrices have been developed to help support every aspect of your workout from start to finish and then beyond. To be an Icon you have to push yourself to your max on every rep and every set, not just in the weight room but on the court or the field or wherever you fight your battles. The only way to survive the stress from hard work is to prepare your body before you go to war. Designed to deliver on every level, Mr. Hyde® Icon will help promote sustained pumps, increased strength & power, enhanced endurance, while supporting rapid recovery and providing unmatched energy. Mr. Hyde® Icon is the true, all-in-one pre-workout solution

    • Intense, High Powered Energy & Focus
    • Promotes Increased Blood Flow for Intense, Sustained Pumps & Nutrient Delivery
    • Promote Elevated Training Capacity & Endurance
    • Supports Optimal Rate of Recovery
    • Increase Oxygen Uptake and Anaerobic Power
    • Enhanced Strength & Power Output
    • Supports Positive Mood & Training Motivation
    • Supports Enhanced Thermogenesis

    .Nearly all the 'premium' pre-workouts today claim to have the same benefits touting strength, pumps, power, endurance, energy, etc. Mr. Hyde® Icon hits all these areas as well only we use a different and more thorough formula. Since many systems within the body have multiple pathways for activation, we chose to attack those involved in muscular strength, size, power and endurance from different angles to account for each person's unique morphology and training methodology. Rather than follow the norm, we pushed the envelope forcing our innovation to select and feature 8 highly effective branded ingredients, along with several known and well-proven compounds to deliver a truly unique and Iconic formula. There really is no comparison, Mr. Hyde® Icon delivers and continues to deliver long after the competition has left the gym.