PharmaFreak Ripped Freak - Diuretic

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The RIPPED FREAK® DIURETIC Supplement Advantage

RIPPED FREAK® DIURETIC is the world’s first clinically proven natural diuretic!

RIPPED FREAK® DIURETIC is an all-natural water-shedding and detox formula! RIPPED FREAK® DIURETIC combines precise doses of two of the most well-known natural water-shedding compounds available, dandelion and juniper berry! In addition to these water-balancing herbs, RIPPED FREAK® DIURETIC also contains magnesium to support proper muscle function!


(1) Delivers a clinically-researched dose of two of the most effective natural diuretic ingredients available! Can support an increase in water loss!

(2) Delivers powerful 4:1 extracts of two of the most effective diuretic ingredients available!

(3) Provides a precise dose of magnesium to help prevent muscle cramping and ensure healthy muscle function!

Water Shedding Detoxifying Agent & Diuretic

  • 8000mg of Herbal Extract Dandelion Extract per Serve
  • Increase Water Loss & Detoxification Support
  • Clinically Validated Anti-Fluid Retention Formula
  • Utilises Anti Cramp Complex to Reduce Muscle Cramps