MHP Power Pak Pudding

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MHP Power Pak Pudding

The proof is in the pudding with this all-new treat from MHP (Maximum Human Performance). Power Pak Pudding is the perfect sweet treat for any occasion, allowing you to indulge in a rich creamy pudding that will not hurt your macros and will keep you feeling satiated for longer! Perfect for a post-gym pick-me-up, snack, or even making a great dessert option, this product just does not miss the mark.

Each pouch of Power Pak Pudding contains the goodness of:

  • 15g of Quality Protein.
  • 5g of Collagen Peptides.
  • At only 100 Calories per serve.

MHP has heard your calls, they understand you wanted a more convenient way to get your daily protein intake in and you are in luck! Their newly formulated grab and go pouches are perfectly designed for you to grab from the fridge when you are in a rush and need a high-quality protein fix. Low in carbohydrates and with no sugar these pudding pouches are perfect for anyone following a keto diet or watching their sugar intake throughout the day while still indulging their sweet tooth a little. Quality Protein and Collagen has been blended to provide your muscle, joints, ligaments, and skin with the optimum support they need to recover and grow. Elevate your snack time with MHP Power Pak Pudding!