Gaspari Precision Hydrolysed Whey Protein

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100% Hydrolysed Whey Protein with EET

What makes precision protein better and more effective from other types of whey? Embedded Enzyme technology helps enhance the disbursement and assimilation of Leucine, transforming precision protein into an anabolic muscle-building power-house. Studies have suggested that increasing Leucine may stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and inhibit protein degradation in skeletal muscle.

It is concluded that the role of Leucine is to provide a single that amino acids are available, which in combi-nation with the signal of energy availablility from insulin, stimulates muscle protein synthesis. In other words, EET greatly helps enhance the ability of precision protein to offer increased muscle growth that other types of whey cant provide.

Gaspari's precision protein with EET is the new old standard in whey protein by providing unmatched biovailability and unparalleled results. If you are looking for the purest and most effective muscle building whey protein, you search is finally over.

Gaspari Nutrition® is proud to announce, Precision Protein, a new breakthrough in whey protein performance. This innovative new  protein utilizes a proprietary process known as Embedded Enzyme Technology (EET). This new technology functions within a phospholipid matrix that releases Leucine and other amino acids early in the muscle synthesis process. While other methods randomly hydrolyze the protein, EET is engineered to selectively release Leucine peptides producing an increase in muscle synthesis and growth.* 
In Stage 1 of the hydrolysis, the water activity is limited so the enzyme action is suspended. When water is added to the protein,  Phase 2 begins by rapidly releasing more Leucine peptides increasing the body’s ability to  absorb amino acids.
Thanks to Embedded Enzyme Technology, Precision Protein has changed the protein game forever. With increased Leucine Peptides being released into your system, your rate of recovery, muscle growth, and athletic performance will be taken to entirely new levels, unlike any other protein on the market can provide.*

More than Protein 

The Benefits of Embedded Enzyme Technology (EET)  

  • Increased amounts of Leucine Peptides for Enhanced Anabolism*
  • Increased Hypertrophic Growth & Protein Synthesis*
  • Upregulation of the mTOR Signaling Muscle Building Pathway
  • Enhanced Bioavailability & Uptake of BCAAs and EAAs
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