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Rapid Performance and Recovery SuperCarb

True athletes understand the importance of carbohydrates and embrace them. Whether they are carb-loading before a competition, rolling on the mate, banging out a WOD, slamming a drink during a race, or refuelling after a tough training session they know that in order to get to where they want to be they need the energy to get there.

Glycogen is what helps fuel your workouts and keep muscles volumised. Not all carbs are created equal. Gaspari Nutrition uses a highly branched cluster dextrin and this high molecular weight carbohydrate has a special helical structure which gives it unique properties unlike many of the corn starches or polysaccharides out there.

When you sweat, your body loses potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, and calcium. They must be replaced to avoid cramping and losses in muscle performance because they are critical components in supporting nerve impulses and muscle contraction. Look at it this way, the more you sweat, the higher your potential need for increased hydration and electrolytes. Therefore, gaspari nutrition has added crucial electrolytes in a form the body can readily assimilate.

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