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Untamed Energy.

We all want better workouts – increased intensity, focus, strength and endurance. That is, after all, the name of the game. When using Savage Roar you will get just that. Savage Roar is the kind of energy drink every serious athlete should be taking before their workout. Why go into the gym unless all cylinders are firing? Get more reps, have a desire to stay longer in the gym, decrease rest between sets, and overall, enjoy your time working out.

Helps you stay focused and motivated 

There’s nothing worse than dragging after a long day at work or school or if you’re an early riser that needs something stronger than a cup of coffee for a workout pick-me-up. You’re a high performance athlete who requires the raw materials far beyond the average consumer. Savage Roar not only makes coffee look and taste like bottled water, but all other pre-workout supplements available; and it’s easy on the stomach which as we all know is vitally important.


Beta - Alanine

Beta Alanine supports less lactic acid build up while training allowing for more sets and reps throughout the course of a workout.*

Citrulline Malate 2:1 

Citrulline malate is widely regarded as one of the most scientifically supported super performers in its ability to promote lean mass, increase blood flow, and deliver amino acids to skeletal muscle leading to increased muscle growth and cell volumization (pumps).*

N-Acetyl L- Tyrosine 

Benefits include mood support, counteracting negative side effects of stimulants.*

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate plays a vital role in energy metabolism, specifically supporting the transport of fatty acids into mitochondria where they can be burned for energy. Recent research suggests added support in the way of better performance, testosterone support, and promoting fat metabolism.*

Guarana Extract (Caffeine) 

Caffeine is the most widely consumed central nervous stimulant on the planet with its effectiveness coming in better alertness, energy, and response time for the user.*


Hordenine supports mental and physical energy and as well as positively supporting one’s mood.*


Bioperine has been long noted for its use in allowing other accompanying nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently.