The Protein Bread Co. Protein Pizza Base Mix - 320g

$13.95 13.95

Pizza has changed forever. Introducing our new Low Carb Pizza Base.

Say goodbye to cauliflower pizza bases for good. You deserve better than that. Our new low carb pizza base has just 5g of carbs in the entire base, and what’s more… it tastes great and you can pick it up and eat it like a slice of normal pizza.

This packet makes 4 big 12″ low carb pizza bases. They’re incredibly easy to make and taste fantastic. Just Mix, Pour & Bake and you’ll be enjoying pizza again in no time.

 High Protein – Each pizza base has 50g of Complete Protein

 Low Carb  Just 5g of Carbs in the entire pizza base!

 Gluten Free – All our products are gluten free 

 Great Value – 1 packet of Protein Pizza Base Mix makes up 4 big 12″ bases

 Simple to make – Simply add eggs and water, then Mix, Pour & Bake